Northern Lights Teachers Conference Report

19 & 20 November, 2007


Conference Report

Moray Art Centre
The Park, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland

The conference took place in the brand new Moray Arts Centre based at the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland. It is an amazing building in its own right as it was a dream of Randy Klinger, who lives at the Findhorn Foundation and is an artist, to have an art centre of art museum standard in Moray which can display art from national galleries.

Anthony Rooley gave the keynote speech. His theme was what happens in performance and how the first feeling to arise is very often fear. This connects very much with what we explore in our supervision trainings and how in embracing, through our body the feelings as they arrive, we can re-connect, come back into relationship with ourselves and others and then we can step aside and let our natural creativity and divinity come through us.

Thirty five teachers came to the Conference and took part in a communal art project and other art workshops.

The music input was provided by Anthony Rooley and Evelyn Tubb (The Consort of Musicke) with both a workshop and a beautiful concert in the evening, and the drama by Findhorn Playback Theatre of which Joan Wilmot is the conductor. She also ran a group dynamics session for teachers looking at both classroom and school community dynamics which was a follow on from last year’s Northern Lights conference where it had proved a popular workshop.