Northern Lights Teachers Conference

21st - 23rd May 2010





Creating Learning


Universal Hall

The Park, Findhorn, Scotland

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Conference Report
by Hannah Rossiter, student, Forres Academy

Times Ed (Scotland)

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(music by Chloe Goodchild)

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Day 1: Building a Transformational Toolkit

Chloe Goodchild, Sound Foundations for the 21st Century- The Transforming Power of Sound, Voice & Song

Lorraine Napier, HT Kirkhill PS:
Creating Learning Communities

Libby Lee, HT Ralph Allen School & The Nowhere
Foundation: Dissolving Barriers to Learning

Sandra Bruce, Moray WOWW: Working On What Works


Playback Theatre: Releasing Stories from the Audience>

Day 2: Bringing Dreams into Reality

Maria Arpa, Justice from the Heart in Schools

Beth Duff, ‘the red horse speaks’: Learning with Horses

Afternoon Workshops


Chloe Goodchild: Concert - A Thousand Ways of Light

Day 3: Creating a Learning Community

Robin Alfred, Olivier Mythodrama: The Tempest

An inspiring mythodrama embodying the tools of transformational leadership: presentation, reflection & action. Robin Alfred leads the conference through a highly-acclaimed experiential event designed to access and engage with the complex nature of change and transformation. A Northern Lights Special Event.


Dorota Owen, Joan Wilmot & Robin Shohet

Northern Lights 2010 is about current Transformations in Teaching, utilising the experience and best practice of leaders in the fields of education, business & entertainment. As with the last three successful conferences, the event is designed to refresh all those involved in any form of education, including parents, by providing a holistic experience within a nourishing and supportive environment.

This year the conference aims to create a learning
community that goes way beyond schools into the fabric of society itself. It brings together local expertise and resources, as well as inspiring examples of partnerships between rganisations.At the heart of the conference are cutting-edge dynamic collaborative processes which are designed to provide individuals and groups with a renewal of energy for maximising creativity and focusing on a common purpose.

Using voice & music, systemic constellations, drama, mediation, restorative justice,Olivier Mythodrama and the magic of learning with horses, Northern Lights creates a stunning opportunity to connect with your own power as a learner/teacher/parent and return to your working environment re-inspired and reinvigorated.


Appreciations for Northern Lights 2009

Hugely nourishing… such an inspirational conference… thank you, the conference was fabulous and all the staff involved felt very inspired... they also had a very good laugh! Great memories of such wonderful participative workshops… I look forward to your 2010 event… thank you for organising this fantastic conference! I can only repeat my heartfelt thanks to you… Bravo for the Northern Lights



Chloe Goodchild, Singer, voice teacher, and music educator. Developed The Naked Voice, a methodology of communication, for the purpose of creating conscious leaders, teams, organisations, schools and communities, through the use of spoken and sung voice.

Lorraine Napier, HT Kirkhill Primary School, Aberdeenshire. Presenting current examples of enriching partnerships between business and schools, enhancing the learning in both environments through technology and building communication skills.

Libby Lee, HT Ralph Allen School, Bath. Working with The Nowhere Foundation to co-create an integrated learning community that takes a mutual responsibility and supports first year students and onwards in raising their achievement.

Sandra Bruce, WOWW Moray. Introducing a model of contextual coaching which emphasises the community of the classroom and aims to build on identified strengths and resources. Pupils and teachers are empowered by setting their own goals and measuring progress.

Playback Theatre. Performing an original form of improvisational theatre used internationally in which audience or group members tell stories from their lives and workplaces and watch them enacted on the spot. Playback Theatre draws people closer together as they see their common humanity.

Maria Arpa, Founder of the Centre for Peaceful Solutions. Introducing a transformative structure and process integrating the collective wisdom of all members of the community: family, school, neighbourhood and workplace.

Beth Duff, Director of Gentle Leadership Ltd and founder of The Red Horse Speaks, is a coach, facilitator and equine guided educator who works with local schools and companies worldwide, helping them grow and flourish through developing their people and their business.

Robin Alfred, Coach, consultant and Lead Presenter for Olivier Mythodrama. Having worked as a trainer, educator and social work manager for 15 years, Robin has extensive experience of leading and developing groups & individuals in a variety of learning environments. His work with Mythodrama has been highly acclaimed in both business and educational contexts.

Robin Shohet, Founder/initiator of Northern Lights Conferences. Writer, trainer, consultant.


Blue Flower


"It takes a village

to raise a child."



Kids dancing in Hall

Findhorn Youth Prooject performing in the Universal Hall to FindhornFoundation Community & Eco village

Conference Organisers:

Dorota Owen, Teacher, events organiser, educational consultant with Alchemy Associates.

Joan Wilmot, Psychotherapist, Conductor of Playback Theatre, Supervisor and Co-director of CSTD.



Free Admission, due to cuts in educational spending, and donations are welcome.
Accommodation and meals separate.


Registration starts 8.30am Friday 21st May

Ends Sunday afternoon with optional follow-on events.

For more details:
Phone Dorota Owen on 07813 455152
Or Joan Wilmot on 07974 115028

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Findhorn College provides a holistic approach to learning that combines the best of mainstream education with experiential learning as developed by the world-renowned Findhorn Foundation Community.

Findhorn College is a registered provider of CPD offering Professional
Well-Being Days. We are therefore able to offer this conference to
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Appreciating People are very happy to be able to sponsor two students to participate in the conference and to share their thoughts on schools and education in the 21st century.